A Perfect Heartbreak

Life With Catnip

Life With Catnip

The dandelions are coming out
You look beautiful barefoot
Opening up to me, watching you bloom
Rising above the earth and soil
Presenting your soul to me.

Your petals move like willows
Rising up to greet the light
Then falling down like tears
Breathing life into new life
Another spring is on it’s way
No metaphor could describe.

It’s just that way, we are already, ready
Both of us past wanton, wet and raging
As you lay against me, willing.

You are your my beautiful fury
My own hidden rage leaping out
Holding my body so tender
In a gentle surrender.

Feeling you melting into me
And I into you…
Hands touching fingers locked
Entwined, combined, sublime
It is love colliding.

And there is only one heartbeat
Between us and I don’t know,
Whose it is, if it’s yours or mine
All I know, it just about
Breaks my heart,
But it does so,
Just perfectly.

Love Katie

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