Cat’s Who Wear Berets


Dressing up cat’s is not so much
of a matter of making them look
even more beautiful.

I think we can all agree
that they don’t need anything extra
for that.

Some cats just truly enjoy
being dressed up.

My kitty for instance
loves to wear collars
and clothes.

From the moment I put one on her,
she starts posing and has
this cute little smile.

She feels completely comfortable
in them and is able to do her daily activities
without any problems.

There is honestly nothing cuter
than the smile she has when I put her collar on.
I actually started my own line
of kitty and cat collar accessories
because I was so inspired by her happiness.

I want others to be able to share
that connection with their own cats.

Dressing up cats is only a matter
of having some fun.

A submissive kitty
basically turns into you
admiring their adorableness,
and them enjoy all
of the extra love.

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