Love Rushes


In a dream I have
Love conquers all fear
It’s embracing
And Wiping out tears.

It’s laughter and loving
In this bed that we share
Our life and every bite
The dinners that we share
Love is a bottle of wine
With glasses just for two.

Love is Scrabble
On Friday nights
Just to be alone with you
And coming home after work
To see you pretty smile,
Your lovely face
I love you, yes I do.

It’s Kisses and greetings
Hugs at the door
Always begging for more
Its a chocolate eclair or
A lemon filled donuts
Thoughtful prayers
When you do the cooking
And I clean up after
Do the dishes,
Feeding the neighbors cat
And grace.

In our home that we love
It is in the air we breathe
On the leaves of trees
Love is passion and rushes
Making love to me on the floor.

Its opening the door
To see you again
Love is when you come
Rushing back to me
Once more.

9 thoughts on “Love Rushes

    • Find joy in the things you have, these words are only poetry. Please don’t fret. It it meant to be, These are words were written to comfort us; to make us happy. To find some joy in the things that we do have. Not the things we don ‘t possess. Live for now.


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