Everything I Need

Life is not always clear
About the things we want or desire
Our lives do have a sense of purpose
Although we might not always know it.

Sometimes it good to sit back
Ask ourselves What defines me…
What makes me happy, and
How do I get to where I want to be?

Stop to think for a second,
That we may not find the answers
At least not immediately,
I really know there is no usual reply
To the answers to the questions above.

It may also be that we are happy
With some parts of our lives
And some that we do not like
Do we always get what we desire,
I think not…

But not being happy overall
Is an indication of a disconnection
With our inner being
That we can and will need to correct.

To simply seek peace and breathe
To take a deep breath and see
All that is available to me,
That I will always have a choice.

To choose to be happy and content
To know I don’t get everything I desire
But I have everything I need.

I’ll always be a submissive one
I want to make inner conflicts cease.
To see no problem in my world
To be optimistic and faithful,
Taking what comes with a smile.

Life is to live with dreams and hope
With peace of mind and Love to all,
It’s what I believe
It’s all that I am.
It’s everything I need.

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