About Balance


In a few minutes after an evening
Of hanging out and drinking, indulging
Questioning whether or not partaking in
Making you tell someone you love them
That wine does make it easier,
But simply finding balance.

As I don’t question the message
Or the structure of life or love
That I need him in as so much
To this life I have been richly blessed
When the opportunity of a divine partnership
Becomes a wedded bliss relationship.


But at the same time I question
The clarity as opposed to never having
Inebriating myself first, rather than be without
It is not love I question, it’s my balance
Just my own self confidence
He levels me.

Life is hard, rejection is worse
Decisions are not easy, unable to live without
When it’s true love, the one who loves you
The one  who finds your balance,
When his roots combine with yours
Life is so much better when collaborated,
That life is so good I guess
And when it’s love, it’s love refined.


Love is not a difficult thing
Wandering through this life without is,
Searching for someone to love forever
Just to knowing know, I am and he will
Love me over and again in return
Thrills me endlessly.

All this while I was chasing a dream
Some sense of balance when I said, “marry me”
To lay a foundation and a forever after
For the future to come, to say “You do”
Choosing me as your wedded divine.
I love you so much I do.
I will. Will you?


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