Blooming Grace

In a moment unlike any other,
A beauty, he is my one and only desire
This is a miracle in bloom,
Petals opening to reveal my heart,

A tender fragrance fills the air,
It stirs within me.

I’d like to grow next to him
To intertwine my roots with his own,
If I could partake forever,
Then he would never be alone.

To not remember who belonged to whom,
But love struck. I felt like giving,
And it came out very nicely.
Mixing me up every once in a while.

It’s just me, a pretty simple style,
An offer is this, and of artistic freedoms
Making it very relaxing to write
Reading every word you ever wrote.

The topic is love In bloom
I wrote it for someone,
Wrote it for you, if you want
Still wanting you…
Even after all this time

I’ve just been in this place
This terribly romantic moon
Mental as of late, for quite sometime
So it just came out naturally.

I didn’t have to try..
The words just began to flow
The most precious are hidden
But the words still say I Love You.

I am waiting here still. reading you,
I bloom from your poems of beauty
Touched by your innocence, my flower
Blooming from my beloved’s grace.

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