No Matter What


I suppose this is just my way
Of reminding myself to settle down
It’s the best way I know how
To communicate with you.

Do you hear my thoughts, is it best
To take things one step at a time
Letting you know, I dream of you,
Still, every moment of every day.

There will always be time later,
I suppose; Only if I could know
The pressure will always be there
You will always be my something else.

My feelings will be love here for you
It just is and I know life is tough,
I am learn to cope with it, by myself
Hopefully in a healthy manner.

To find someone to love is a heavy thing
It’s difficult to breathe at times
It weighs so heavy on my shoulders
Stays in my head, can’t get over you.

I carry on, on my own
Born of decisions I’ve made
And those I haven’t
I’m not suppose to question
Is it irritating if I ask.

Life can be a stressful thing
It tends to overwhelming me some days
With responsibilities and choices
Sometimes I trip. Do you care?

That’s just part of life though,
Stumbling is inevitable
Living can be overwhelming
Hopefully i will get back up.

Love does’t come easy
Doing the best I can to cope with it
Not having it,
Taking one step at a time.

But I wanted you to know
You still lay so heavy on my mind
And that I still love you…
No matter what.

Love, Caitie

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