Sail Home

This lighthouse is a harbor, our home
Caring not where the sea carries me
For home is only destination
It is what lives inside the heart
That awaits for me.

At the end of my long
Hallowed journey, I hope
To find you there.

No more fear of the darkness
No longer am I consumed
By endless nights.

I am drawn to thee forward
Merely to the light, starboard
By the beacon of your radiance
A Refection upon this beautiful sea.

Oh, to lure sailor and ships away
From jagged reef and rock
Hidden beneath the waves.

I will never change my course
As it was set before me.

As the ocean does not flow
In one direction, I stay the course
Following my compass,
This Northern Star, it points to you.

This vessel is empty no more
But should I embark from the path
Will you welcome me home…

The one light, set it bright for me
This promise you made of love
That you shall be forever be my home
You belong to me.

To sail onward into thy company
Oh lovely captain, sail me home
For I shall sail the seas, to be my soul,
And let the vessel sail on,
Until I reach you.

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