The way the breeze flows through the trees
When the cool raindrops start to fall
When he looked into her eyes
When he slowly falls, to his knees.

To the feel of nature upon our skin
The smell of wild roses in the air
When you take my hand, it’s how it started
It’s how it all began.

More beautiful than ever,
Scents sweeter honeydew melon wine
Sweeter than any of the flowers in this forest
Marry me, so you can make me happy forever.
Be mine…

Looking up to feel, the rain gently falling on her lips
Smiling with unending joy, the heavens pouring down,
As he held her tightly in his grip,
With all the love he had in him, he gathered
With all the forest coming live, coming around.

Yes my love. I will marry you, they kissed
And I shall make you happy forever
As you will make me happy too,
Let the forest be our witness.

They said their vows right then and there,
Every rock, and leaf heard them, even the wind;
The wise old owl officiated and the trees
Bare the witness to their betrothal.

And you could almost hear the birds chirping
Singing wedding song as the two joined hands
Together forever to live as one.

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