Bleeding Heart


The sky is always the darkest
Right before it rains.
It’s how I learned to take it…
Disappointment with no expectation.
No matter how beautiful and perfect
Something seems.

Why is love for me a disaster
And why is it always on the horizon
Is it the calm before the storm…
Do I ask too much.

These waves come crashing quickly
On the shoreline, building a momentum
One only that my heartbeat can match.

This rapid pounding against my breast
Hits me faster and faster. I am fading
The water is spilling out of me
My heart is bleeding against thee
And you don’t even know it.

Can you no longer feel me…
The whole world is moving too swiftly.
Everything just stops
Just completely stalls
Even this beating of my heart
With the sound of your voice
Is that you that I hear.

You’re the only one to make it stop
The world stop. The only one
Who could make me cry,
Make me drop
Make my heart stop.

It makes me sad. It makes me smile.
It makes me completely crazy.
But most of all, it makes me
Want you, Oh God.
Make this bleeding


~Inspired and conspired
“For the Love of a Poet”
A collaboration by John and Katie

16 thoughts on “Bleeding Heart

    • Thank you I am writing for John because he inspired me to. Even though i have fallen out of love. its all i can do to scribble a few last goodbyes. So I’ve decided just to post pictures of cats with funny quotes on this blog starting tomorrow. Love Caitie


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