He watched his sleeping girl
beside him carefully.

She looked very beautiful,
with the moonlight streaming in,
casting soft highlights
on her dark locks
and alabaster skin.

She was breathing evenly,
albeit heavily, he found it
extremely sexy in an innocent
and unsuspecting way.

He moaned. She was intoxicating
and they were on a bed
no less; it was wrecking havoc
on his sanity.

Just great, there was no other
being on this universe
that had the power
to drive him to the brink
of near insanity.

And the covers that hid her state
of undress from her chin to her
toes, was not the diminish,
of his ardor.

In fact, quite…
the opposite.

5 thoughts on “Ardor

    • Well, thank you. I’m trying to be a good kitten, be more mature. Daddy thinks it will help me be a better poetess. But he doesn’t like me using short dirty words, even though its easier. Glad you like it, come back for more. Love Catnip.


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