Awakened with a kiss



He paused a while, contemplating
How he could best wake her up.
In the end, he came up
With only one solution.

She felt a hand slip between
The back of her head and the pillow
That gently elevated her.

Something moist and warm fanned
Across her face, and the next thing
She knew, a warm mouth captured hers,
This tongue was probing between her lips
Begging for her sweet access.

Responding languorously,
She opened, and parted her lips slightly,
Meeting his tongue with hers.

He groaned at her co-operation.
What he had planned to be
A light waking-up kiss, had suddenly
Erupted into something that could lead
To something more.

Not meaning to take advantage of her,
Tearing his mouth away from hers
From her sweetness, her lips betrayed…

As if in an almost inhumane effort,
At the sudden loss of sexual
Stimulation, causing him pain.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he said,
Just inches away from her face,
She opened her eyes slowly and gazed up
At him so dreamily.

For some reason, she was feeling
Extremely contented and at peace,

When a random thought came to her,
That she had just been literally
Awakened with his kiss.

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