Take Me There



It’s been such a long time
We have lived almost one third of our lives
And still, I will never let you go,
Did you ever think I would?

You are my lover, stay beside me,
Your gaze is like the rushing waters below
Beautiful, deep and dark; blue.

This bridge we are standing on
It was the same bridge where we fell
In love, and our first rendezvous,
Its where we would always meet.

The train took us here, we could not wait,
It had been so long since, we made it,
Our first time, on that bridge
And it seemed like only yesterday.

Together, silent, forever embracing
Propped against a tree, nearby,
Exchanging kisses, wordlessly mocking
Laughing at our antics
Chasing dreams and I love you then
Even more now than I ever did.

Tonight, here we are, but not by chance
It was of coincidental thoughts.
Considering it was of that fateful day
Living our destiny.

Reminiscing of our life together,
Growing happier in these moments
Such as these…Listening to the engines
Roaring, the whistle blowing…
To the wind howling.

As though it knew our souls would never part
Not expecting to forget, the love in us
Remembering our hearts.

I will never forget the love of my life
It’s where we first met, it was
The place of our first kiss
It was this train, on this bridge
That took me there.

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