More Love Just Perfectly

There is no fear in love, they say,
That perfect Love drives out fear
And such a love has none,
That a perfect love expels all
And that love shall be perfected within us.

There is this promise given
It promises that real love is perfect
Rids our anxieties, casting out of all,
It is a promises to do just that
Perfect love is the key to eternity.

How can I love perfectly?
How can I have enough love…
To make him my perfect love?
So when is my love, enough to cast out
This fear… Is it within me,
Something of my own effort and will.

Must I just analyze my own anxiety,
To know that fear is due to my perception
Of others judging or criticizing me,
First initiated by me…

As for me judging myself, of my own perception
That I was not living up to my standards
On a spiritual level.

Then shall I meditate on love
And it shall cast out all my fears…

I should not only meditate, but also
Try to imitate it; For in imitating love
This is perfect love, it will be perfected
And be imitated within me.

So I need to focus on loving him more
And also focus on loving myself too,
To try, to know that I am capable
Casting out all my fears.

With this, it is my promise to,
To live up it’s meaning
And to apply it to my life, to him,
So I may love him even more
Even more love, just perfectly.


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