Perfectly Imperfect



She genuinely loved him,
And he accepted Love once more
By discovering for himself
What honest love, truly is…

Through sacrifice and her exhilarated
Love for him, he saw the first glimpses
Of what love could be, in its purest form.

To understand and feel for another
What it is honestly, to love truly
After witnessing for himself
This one in love with him, first hand
This heartfelt one.

To believe in something,
From another parallel
That someone could by waiting
In the wing, Loving you,
For who you are inside and out,
Always believing in them.

To see them as imperfectly perfect,
Never wavering, always by their side.
To show that love cannot be forced,
It cannot be won, or possessed.

To have enough strength
To move forward, to this you will find
That someone, who has been waiting
Perhaps a soul mate,
This chance at true love,
Maybe for some, the last chance.

Someone who was made just for you.
Someone who could make you love again
And all your dreams come true.


17 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

      • As long as you are happy, I’m just ecstatic. I love smiles and laughs, especially giving them and knowing they are helping in some small way. Just be happy, my dear sweet Friend, all the thanks I need. I’m a simple person. I just wish more would go back to simplicity and compassion and love for others. It’s why I get up each day and what I try to accomplish with my interactions. You are special, keep sharing your voice. You reach more than you realize every day. TY ))))))))))))))))))


      • I love everything you do, and the things you say to me….its sweet words you touched my heart finding peace and serenity…Yet maybe to think like a child with innocence in this world we live in to always dream and hope for the best of days to come.when thinking of him, he makes me happy. and i don’t know why but you are making me swoon knowing your goodness and compassion. So sweet.


      • I’ve learned over the years that your own happiness will come when you don’t make yourself the 1st priority always. Survival instincts are one thing in Life, but never considering the happiness of others will make you a bitter unhappy person and who wants that as a role model, Friend, family member, neighbor or any where nearby?
        Life serves up enough loss, tragedy, hate and hurt, why contribute more, simply why not try a little harder to improve the world we live in, collectively WE can make a difference. Without that belief and Grands, I would be lost and worthless or already hiding in a dark place in my dark heart from many years ago.
        TY for sharing your voice, so much more eloquent than mine.


      • My pleasure….To spend time to know a person, is to care for them. To build a relationship, to spend time getting to know more about others. We cannot know if we don’t surround ourselves with friends and family, or if we are always preoccupied in our minds and with things to do just for me. This is something I look forward to.


      • You will do just fine, unselfish big heart for others will bring you abundant blessings for your future, you deserve it all, the whole shebang, to borrow an old word that makes no sense, but brings me a smile to use it. and the conversations it starts in Nothern USA. )))) Happy weekend, me dear Friend.


      • You can express my thoughts and ravings much better and more eloquently, dear Lady. I give you permission forever to do so if you think they will help and inspire just one poor soul. Always my hope and desire.


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