Almost Real


Do you believe there are moments
When out of the corner of our minds
Thinking that some dreams are made real…

Every morning I look for them,
Waking before dawn, waking up to see.

This is a belief in dreams,
It just simply is… This trust I’ve taken
It has not been hard to find it pleasant
Just that I dream, unmistakably.

I want to see his smile.

To have his sweet words touch my heart
Now it is he who tears me apart
His gentle touch as he holds my hand.

Such are fleeting is those moments
Coming in an instant, gone in a flash.

Caressing me with his gentle touch,
Then he disappears as my eyes open.

A heart lifting and soaring,

Remembering a smile full of happiness
With sounds of his sweet laughter
Drifting in the air…
Loving, sharing and dreaming.

Suddenly it disappears, quickly as it came
Opening my eyes, finding myself again
Back into the same darkness.

Closing my eyes, back to sleep,
Daring to dream,
To bring him back,

Wondering as if,

Almost real,


2 thoughts on “Almost Real

  1. Lovely. I have had many almost real moments. Sometimes it seems like that is all there is. Comforting in a strange way and sometimes not so much but they continue.


    • Even if I could close my eyes in endless rest, just the thought of him keeps me breathing… dreaming is good, its a sign of subconscious well being. Thank you Kim.


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