To do the right things
Proving to myself that he is it
The one, it’s when no signs needed
This direction of love just is
When you discover this divine
When he knows how you truly feel.

And there is no hiding behind
No counterfeit or using expressions
That he cannot understand
I will not conceal my affections
No disguise containing countless drama
Confessions, we are forgiven
When the two are like this
It makes life worth living.

So when do I come to announce,
What these long months
Have come so long to pronounce.

Purposely to live and to endure
To never squander this opportunity
Maintaining this faith within us
Avoiding unnecessary disclosure
Reducing our risk of exposure
My heart wants reveal my true love.

To do no wrong or cause no harm
Diluting what we actually say
The truth is not always easy
If it is going to hurt his feeling
In the words I speak, but in my actions,

And how true my affections are revealed;
To say I truly love you, How I do I say it…
Purposely love,
With every fiber
Of my being.

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