Exceptional Belief



I had in mind, a kind of light
That comes from the sky straight to you,
Like when you have like an stroke of insight
That tells you what to do.

That it goes directly with the indecision fact
That I consider this light to be sacred,
I believe it to be like when you
Seek to discover when you find it.

It has been given the ability to heal
Cures almost anything and everything,
Including sadness, me and you if needed,
Indecision and loneliness,
Healing me, healing you.

The one thing everyone is looking for
It’s happiness, we’re always looking for it,
In somewhere else, when it should be in us,
To those might have it; in short,
Moments of happiness, the real kind.

I think that we should not search for it,
But that instead we should look for it
Is inside ourselves. Of course,
One has to seek, before we can have it,
No exceptions, its called faith,
When one believes.

Good Night and Good Weekend.

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