This day was more magical than most
And for this girl, that it was this boy,
That made this night so very magical.

When he looked out over, he saw her
This beautiful view.

He began to feel so much love inside.

The love for her was so strong and it began to grow

stronger and stronger.

And he suddenly realized that she was his whole world,

and everything in it….

And the magical thing is, he said,

That he never loved a girl this much before.

It’s that when you feel such strong emotions,

one tends love to everything.

It becomes so much more wonderful, the will come to him.

She loved him already you know, from the start.

And more wonderful things will come from this…

it’s why…

Love is so magical….

And why love attracts more love.

And why it happened on this day;

Well it’s a mystery, who can say,

and I suppose it’s to be

Revealed not;

But I think Its just what makes their love so special

On this day so magical.


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