Writing My Tears

I love you and not things
You, a man worth my tears
A will to use them,
I’m thinking,
Of what I need to do…

I have seen that your worth it,
Tears are love, I write with them
And it’s a way of telling
Someone how much you love them.

You will never know until
You shed them,
For someone, when loving them,
It is the best thing.

It’s spinning like a carousel,
Thinking of you every minute,
I get dizzy, writing,
Never stopping sending letters,
I know its crazy but it’s true.

I’m in love with you.
Will you hold me so close,
That I can hear your heart beat.

And when you kiss my lips
I realize that this is it,
Where i want to be,
And this is how i want to feel…
It’s how you make me feel.

Your beauty gets to me.
You have my attention,
You’ve captured my heart.

And I cry like a river,
Building bridges trying to
Cross over, to get to you.

Love is when you take it away,
The passion and the romance
And realize that you still love him…
Because he is still there,
It’s why I write to him with my tears.

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