Blue Heart

An ocean between you and I,
The motion of passing days
Giving life to the night
Gazing upwards I breathe in,
And close my eyes,
Wondering if I’ll ever hear
From you again.

Your sweet voice echoes through me
Where a heart should beat,
Stolen away, shall it ever be,
Rusted, forgotten, forever locked
Inside of me, so blue
Or so. If I had thought
To exhale.
This is not a dream.

When I look in your eyes,
I lose myself
Drown in the blue-green
Abyss of you.
Your smile weakens me,
Strengthens me,
I Begs YOU to come closer
hoping you feel the same.

If the look in your eyes
Is it real or imagined,
Drives me to the point
of madness, or romance.
Did I simply imagine you.
The look in your eyes,

Am I plagued with memories
When I feel this way, do you?
Maybe I’m just blind,
Or insane, or deluding myself
Thinking that your eyes held more,

At my longing and waiting
Simply to behold you once more.

Maybe its the dream
Of this lonely dreamer
To think you could find me…

As I seem to always find you.
Perhaps the spark of electric fire,
I always feel when we speak,
Is simply an hallucination,
In the mind of this ancient dreamer…

Oh, how I wish I could make it otherwise,
Or be sure of my imaginings,
And know them to be true
And not some fantasy my heart wrote.

But why do you keep me in dark,
In the cold away without your warmth,
In the bitterness of missing
Alluring as you are,
Do you hear my sweet words
Of my blue heart.

6 thoughts on “Blue Heart

  1. “Alluring as you are,
    Do you hear my sweet words
    Of my blue heart.”
    Distance make the heart and want grow. The sea can separate love but a powerful love can defeat all things. A amazing poem my friend.


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