Hope Remains


Why am I so weak,
When it comes to you…
I weep over the smallest things,
And I have fought for no less.

But in the end, I am loyal,
I will defend you, from those,
Who want to destroy us.

My words are my sword,
And my thoughts, my armor,
That knows no limits…

For my pen is swift,
My words, thy shield,
My faith unyielding,
And I will write hope,
That it remains,
And it will never die.


7 thoughts on “Hope Remains

  1. Brings back memories of an old portable typewriter I used as a student long ago. I had to be calm or make so many mistakes. Then again, I had to type her notes, while my penmanship was oh so terrible, precursor to law and medical training, I suppose. Still can’t read next day.((((


  2. Stubborn lot we be, those that believe in love that should last forever and ever. Sad most aren’t willing to be true, loyal, or fight for what they hold most precious. Maybe the world is older, not necessarily more “civilized.” ((((((((((


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