The Journey



I had a dream.
Dreaming of a long distance love.

Where I stood on the ledge
There was sides of mountains,
Upon a top a cliffs that was so similar,
To the many of them, but not.

I saw what was below me,
Without having to open my eyes.
There were vibrations beneath my feet,
Whispers of sounds, like water falls
All around me.

I was swept away by it all,
What was I to do… the beauty,
What did my dream reveal to me…
As if there a choice I had to make.

Dreams don’t tell you, but I was to seek,
I had to find the meanings to that,
Which was mine, and if I go or do I stay…

Should I feel nothing and let it go,
Do I take this chance of a dream,
Or simply let it pass me by.

There is great enormity of decision
It bear heavy as a weight on me,
Like none before, like the expanse
Of the ocean, the deep,
Is not knowing, and unsure.

Where was my answer, was it the dream
Was it above me or below me or
Should I just shall I leap…
So there it was I jumped, and yet
The meaning of my dream; A journey.

Even with my eyes closed, it was a leap,
And I was there. No matter to the fall,
Although the worst was, I could surely die,
But if I truly love, it’s only a risk.

Yet, what if he didn’t want me there.
Then I wasn’t going to be there either,
It was up to me , to make it real,
Or leave.

So the next night, again I dreamed,
Upon my awakening, I escaped
Riding upon a great white stallion,
Not sure where I was going.

But somehow I knew, it was safe,
Stopping to view every tree and flower,
That swayed along the way.

To where my love was, to become his
With no regret, never looking back,
Going to a place in the grace,
Of his kingdom.

One thought on “The Journey

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