Last Letter to Heaven


Hey honey, it’s just me
Hoping you can hear me,
I wanted to ask you something
Ask for your blessing,
It’s just that I found someone I like,
Someone to love, and
I think he likes me too.

You told me once, you wanted me
To meet someone,
That I might have to start life over,
And that I would be alright.

If you were no longer here…
That you wanted me to love again
When you were gone,
If you weren’t around,
To find a brand new start.

Well, I think I met him.
Quite possibly, the opposite of you,
I think that you would like him too,
And I know for a fact you would,
He is not a replacement
But I’m letting him take over the reins.

It’s just that you should know.
It’s time to let you go,
And I think it time for me,
To move on
And I will go with him,
To start this new life.

So I am asking for your blessing,
Down here on my knees, looking up,
Talking to you for the last time,
Wanting to thank you, for listening.
To say thank you, to you and God too,
To love you , then love a second time,
Is so much more than amazing,
And thank you for the answers to all my prayers.

So, I promise to love him,
As much as I did you,
Hoping you can hear me,
All the way up there,
In heaven,

Sweet Dreams.


5 thoughts on “Last Letter to Heaven

  1. A sad and hopeful poem. Hard to release walls of safety and open new ones. I like the personal conversation of the words. I did like the ending. Trying to find with lost and life. Thank you for sharing the powerful words and thoughts.


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