Life in motion


Behind these eyes
Some things are not to be understood, To be just accepted.
By the random.
These eyes have seen many things,
Win or loss, but
Indifference is never acceptable
Or what is hidden behind it.
Its something I cannot put a name to.
A strong trial ever so close…
Maybe next time.
But at the same time, to not let it get too close.
To keep focused.
This kind of warmth is real,
For the lucky few who get to Experience it,
To see the part of me that remains hidden.
That writing is my life,
It’s the way emotions come to light
Without ever speaking a word.
These times are my most creative moments,
And when the light shines once again,
They dissipate like a ripple in the water,
But are not gone.
All it takes is one stone
Thrown in the sea to make a wave,
To set my heart in motion,
Once again.

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