23 thoughts on “Transforming me

      • If I’d been wiser sooner, I wouldn’t have so many scars on my body and bumps on my Head from banging so many walls and other hard heads.

        Then again, better late than never learning and sharing lessons from those experiences. )));))


      • As I am that you are dealing with the curves&bumps in your life as determined as ever. You’re stronger than you think, after all you’re here and going forward with sharing your journey, your voice, and your talent. TY.


      • What a week, early retirement, left my job, put my house on the market, looking for a new place and packing. My writing has been kind of weird. not my norm, sensual confident, versus this silly honey bunny story im writing…its just whats coming out. i have no idea where its going. hahhahhahh


      • Big changes, WOW. My thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with you as you make these changes. I wish you to find the happiness you so richly deserve, my dear Friend. Hugs. Not to worry about how your writing comes out, it changes as we do, especially when you write from the heart and pure emotions ooze out. I can’t say I understand or know all your feelings, not with all honesty. I can say I support you in your quest, unconditionally. Can any of us predict the next minute? NOPE So do your bestest and I hope you get the mostest. (I first wrote moistest, thank goodness for autocorrectus.) xxxx


      • Thank you….i should get back to the closets. but im doing my bestest (best) to stay calm cool collected and confident and have fun too. i do good under pressure, the mostest now were even….hahahh


      • Sounds good, didn’t want to take you away from task at hand(s). I’ll try not to be too much of a distraction and maybe be an Adult for a while. then again, who would know me if I did that? nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


      • Sorry, I was trying to coordinate repairs on a friend’s Mom’s house down in MS where tornadoes went thru. Blessed no injuries, but sometimes difficult to see thru all the processes for older people(80s) with insurance companies, FEMA, state agencies and such. Overwhelming for her. Her Son&wife are overseas visiting grandchildren. No reason for them to break up trip. I still have other family and friends back there willing to help out.


      • Just takes a little more effort to coordinate without a voice, thank goodness I have plenty of Kids to help out. I’ll take coordinating repairs and paperwork over hospitals or worse ANY DAY.))))))))


      • ha ha, used to think I was indestructible, invulnerable, bullet-proof and Bocephus. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd then in a jungle, far, far away, I found out I was another “none of the above.” Reality has a way of teaching lessons in humility even if you didn’t sign up for them or ordered them.
        I am so blessed, so I take my limitations with a grain of salt.
        And a dry erase pad with a good phone camera.))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


      • Thank you for sharing and yes….even Superman takes his cape off and, even washes his superman underwear the same we do. Thats just life, it just goes to show that even the best of us, are still human, and its ok.


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