Watching you sleep


My love is ripe
And starry nights
Sticky loving
In slow motion
On a full moon
Oceans away
Past the Atlantic sea
Our love will breathe
Arriving there softly
Tenderly taking
Hearts breaking
Gently making
With ocean calming
Falling in Love
In the arms of you
And if you fall,
I’ll catch you
Spending my days
Loving you,
I swear.

Goodnight Bunny.
I Love You.

9 thoughts on “Watching you sleep

      • …in her dreams he will appear
        a sword in hand to fend off demons
        with loving eyes protecting, heart and soul till break of dawn
        when she wakes from peaceful slumber the first words heard…
        good morning my dear


      • Oh swoon I’m so excited and scared at the same time.
        There are sending electric waves me when I think of him
        Of excitement between us
        And through me,
        And in me. Starting
        Over, getting to know him
        Better I hope.
        Then for a brief moment i spoke,
        I hope you like me a little
        And then we became
        Very good friends.


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