When Fate Steps In…



Life has not always been so clear for me
Or about the things I have thought
I wanted or desired, and the places
I ought to be and some of the things
That should have been done already.
But I know now my life has a sense of purpose
Although I might now always know it,
There is someone, I feel who looks out
For me.

There have been times
When I have been stubborn,
I thought I knew it all, sure…
But sometimes, it is good to sit back
Ask ourselves What is my destiny
Is everything always about me…
What makes me happy, and
Do I make others happy?
And what about him….
Am I where he wants me to be?

So I have to stop to think for a second,
That we may not find the answers
At least not immediately,
I really know this is not the usual reply
To the answers of questions above.

I should take a look around and though
It may be that we are happy, I should
Check with him, Love is part of our life
That cannot be compromised.
Do we always get what we desire…
Probably not, until fate stepped
And took over my destiny.

It was written in the stars.


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