How the light gets in… Chapter 4


Honey Bunny- Chapter 4

Honey Bunny had retreated for the day,
He smiled as he went back to his room,
Inwardly pleased with himself he decided
Just to snap out of it, and soon,
His bad dreams went away.
And he was going to be just fine.

Thinking that it was not such a good idea,
After all, loving somebody that doesn’t care
It will certainly bring life to a stop.

He stood there for a time, in a slightly posture,
Staring at the ceiling for a moment,
He tapped his index finger on his lip,
His eyes then fell back, he looked up the sky
He knew the percentages are quite high
That he would meet someone else,
And probably it was I, wink wink.

Quite sure he could have great influence
With me, by not having to fight for a smile.
He could see the future brewing already,
Maybe a life where we could help each other.

He said, to me, “I was Like a light in the dark,
“How is that?” I asked, intrigued by it,
Many years ago, Rumi said, Sometimes in that space,
“The light needs darkness to shine, and the darkness
Needs the light, it comes in through the wound,
It’s how the light gets into us.”

A smile flitted across his face as he turned to me
“Everything will be fine now.”

Honey Bunny was no longer alone;
He held my hand and I clasped his tightly
In the darkness that surrounded as we walked
Along the narrow path towards whatever trials
We would have to face…
Knowing we could face them together.




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