His Bunny ~Chapter 6


Honey Bunny- Chapter 6

It was early morning,
The sun had barely begun to come up,
Rising above the tops of the trees.

Peeking through the large window glass
Filtering into darkened rooms,
Supplying a dance of filtering,
Warmly touching the hardwood,
Floor below.

It was far too early for anyone to be up yet,
And so silence usually ruled in this place that,
At any other time of the day would be
Bustling sounds.

Yet now, completely peace and quiet filled
The empty hallways in the early morning hours,
In Mummy’s House, and usually this still time.
Unnoticed by the inhabitants, but not by all.

A small sound echoed, hardly noticeable,
To anyone that may have stirred out,
Of a dreaming reverie just long enough
To hear it.

It was a gentle humming noise, a faint buzzing,
Almost, very much like that of sleepy steps
Shuffling feet, slowly approaching a large empty
Hallway that led to the outside.

Small feet snug in little white socks quietly.
To ever closer to a preset destination,
Stopping only once they had reached the large door.

Actually, this strange sound really was not,
So terribly strange after all for it could be heard
Every morning at exactly the same time.

It had become a regular occurrence,
So precise that one could set their watches,
To if they had awakened and taken the time
Listening for it.

It was a small boy in blue pajamas, it was Honey,
Pushing open these seemingly massive doors,
To the outside, Barely past the entry.

He stood alone in the soft morning sunlight.
It filtered it’s way through the windows.

He let out a sigh, hugging his stuffed bunny,
And his book, “Velveteen Rabbit” pressed tightly,
To his small chest while this limp velvet bunny,
Dangled to his feet dragging it on the
Ground behind him.

He glanced down at the bunny,
His face and snuggling against it,
Up in his nose until he was sure it was
No longer touching the ground.

The bunny still carried a distinctive sweet
A scent of honey, it was a scent he would
Never forget even if he had tried.

He loved that scent and his memories of boyhood,
They were triggered by it, just as he loved the times,
In the early mornings and going outside.

~ to be continued

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