The Reason



The day you find out why you are born
Is different for everybody,
The reason why you were born,
Maybe to pursue a passion of yours.

It maybe for religious reasons,
Or for philanthropic reasons.

It maybe to just live a great life.
Why you feel you were born.
There is no right or wrong answer.

For a passionate person, like myself,
One of the reasons why I was born is clear.
It is to inspire; I love building relationships
And helping others.

I love the challenge,
Risk and reward, to chase the laughter,
To seek the highs, and the lows.

I love learning about different cultures.
I love understanding how to create something,
Out of nothing and I love writing.

And how to build something from one word.

To be more inspired and to run with it,
I love value, service, and respect for
Others and a people within a community.

I love you; And I love knowing
That I am not always in complete control
That I do not achieve success alone,

And they are not won alone…
And I expect to have failures.

That there is no one in my way,
There is no one who I can blame,
That no one can make me unhappy,
But me.

The reason why I was born was to Love you,
And to write about it and our happiness.

Creating a life with you by growing,
By becoming the women that I was born to be,
For you in your dreams… But mostly,
To love you and make you happy.

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