Fear of the Unknown !~ Chapter 10


Honey Bunny ~ Chapter 10

The thing is Little John and velvet bunny felt
Pretty bulletproof, during their short test-drive,
Life itself was a beautiful tribute to Mum,
The suggestion of changing became uncommon

And soon the summers would turn the skies gray
Like our faces hidden behind scarves, Even Mummy said
Unfortunately, there is no such thing as bulletproof armor,
But for now, life was contained, they were safe and secure,
Having everything needed to support them.

As if virtually impervious utterly to all resistance,
Daily life often seem stable and enough,
To resist any impact.

But fear of the unknown is an intrinsic reflection
Of the subjective nature of risk perception,
And in some cases impervious to information, and
To impervious to surfaces, that can’t absorb it.

Maybe not wanting it, but not even paradise
Cannot resist; for everything is subject to change
In a short time there will be unholy stunts.

From whom you once concluded were innocent,
When the someday comes, when the one you love,
Is taken from you.

~ To be continued

5 thoughts on “Fear of the Unknown !~ Chapter 10

  1. This is outstanding. Thank you so much for finding my blog and for following. I am looking forward to reading future posts from you. Please visit me as much as you like – the door mat is always out. 🙂


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