Life Above the Mat- More

Cat_laundry_by_amazing_cat (1)


Life above the laundry-o-mat
At the Suds and Duds,
It’s ok,
Interestingly enough.

Writing A book about it,
Your cat is in the story too.

We can spend some time together
If you want… Talk about getting it,
How to remove those stains,
Out of those underwear.

Once it’s all dry…tell me all,
Most of all I want to know
How it got in there.

Into the glass of the dryer it goes,
What is that odor, you got lots of cats
Or is something burning.

Getting it all in before closing the door
Why are you in such a hurry starting it.

Once again, I could do little more than laugh
And listen to him helplessly, flailing about
In circles inside the dryer,
About how those stains came to be.

Sorry you could not get him out,
On the other hand, it’s a lovely smell,
A great story too…and I simply grinned,
As I listened; it smells like cat in here.

However the view through the glass
That stain only it looks bigger,
The more I remembered it. shocking.

I couldn’t help but laughing at it,
Revealing his laundry expanding a bit,
A version puffing up in the dryer,
And his cat, Fluffy is still going,
Has his world ever stop spinning yet…

No worries, I wrote a book about it,
About me saving that kitty, pulling it
Out of the dryer, in the nick of time.
And just sold a million copies of it,
With not even one regret; Love that cat
It’s a good story, so I kept him.

No animals were harmed in the making of this poem.

One thought on “Life Above the Mat- More

  1. fer realz,,,,,,,,, i had bewk marked this pic. lol u did a book outa it? ……. 🙂 fer real ? as U are? fer rreal ….no way. a million copies…….show me how …wowza. 🙂 he grins ..hugzzzzz. Q ps: hey is dat ur you tube channel ? jesta wunderin?


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