9 thoughts on “Daily Catnip Wisdom

  1. it is not, i just took that picture in November. Rested a bit after my husband passed in September. I might be a lot of things, but a liar is not one of them. Why do you hate me so much. Why do you stalk me and call me bad names. And you do not have permission to call me by my name. Do you understand?


  2. If you don’t wanna be exposed on the internet, Ms. Mel, then you should be a little more private. Sorry to hear about your husband passing. I don’t hate you, but I think that your love of fecal related matter is deviant and disgusting.


  3. What cave did that subhuman crawl out of, Milady? Sorry people like that exist, even sorrier they feel the need to even breathe or speak such nonsense and vitriol. ((((


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