Some Bunny to Love- Chapter 13



Honey Bunny ~ Chapter 13

He was inspired by the idea,
That life could be so mysterious,
Elusive and unpredictable,
Finding that he was the elusive prey,
So finally caught up in himself,
Except when he met this one girl.

Thereby gazing upon he turns
To see her; austere and voluptuous,
Before him was evocative an elusive elixir,
Human memory can be maddeningly fallacious,
But it seemingly has elusive advantages.

At boarding school,
When a shy boy falls in love,
With an elusive girl.
The formula is needed for creative thinking
It is pretty elusive,
But scientists have little evidence
Based on clues, on how love works.

The most basic knowledge proves
Tumultuously often.
But relationships seldom
Work out in the first place.
He was not so fast to begin;
Was he nearly eluded,
She just show up at Mum’s
And Honey Bunny’s heart
It nearly popped out
Of his chest.

What if it was love?
But he was to make an effort
He had to make a sheath,
In which to imprison her heart
Just for one shining moment.

When he saw her and she spoke,
His elusive butterfly of love…
A shining moment, of elixir and elements
Which is life itself—life,
It seemed to be hurrying past him,
And was he running away?

But, it was a love too strong,
To stop, he could not stop,
She was too sweet to lose,
And he was too in love,
To let her go.

He could not let her get away,
Oh god, What had he done.

A taste towards the decadent
And the evanescent, elusive,
An adolescent of enormous change,
A rainbow that has generated wonder
And speculation.

He was encapsulated with the thought,
Of loving someone and it was
A shifting moment, captured,
Like in the pop of a photographers

In the madness of the chase, he knew…
She would be his greatest challenge.

For the mind receives a myriad
Of impressions,
Both trivial, fantastical and engraved.

Would she be like the sharpness of steel, or
Could he find in her, a heart so tender,
Like that of the downy of a newborn chick.

He pondered these thoughts for awhile.

~ to be continued

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