With These Words



Your untamed soft hands
Touch me in ways
I long for,
The way I type these words
Of Love, for you.

I will write you in sweet ways,
You could never have dreamed…
That when you want to hold me like that,
Like I am the only one,
And wanting to kiss me,
So unexpectedly.

I can feel your love,
Our bodies still warm,
In the movement of your hips
Of your warm wet lips.
As you cling to me,
And I to you.

And maybe a small part
Of my mind actually
Whispers the surprise,
As my warm hands reach you
Curiously for more,
These words finally
Get to you.

In your sweetness
The nectar of love
In these moments of time,
Your love blinds me,
Into my heart your love clings
To me,
I need you, as much as want you
And, I still crave you,
And oh, I think
I’m in love with you,
So completely.

Will you not say,
Those words, I desperately long
To hear…
Will you not let them,
Leave thy sweet Lips,
Oh my divine, Love
How my heart aches…
For you.

With these words, I write,
I Love you.

10 thoughts on “With These Words

  1. Beautiful! This poem could melt a stone heart. Silly Willy Nilly got all dreamy-eyed and ran off looking for the neighbor’s cat when I read this to him. I think he is hopelessly sentimental.


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