Life Above the Mat~ Nothing to Wear


I don’t have anything to wear
All my clothes are dirty
So I’m stuck wearing this…
Wedding dress
It’s not mine
I found it.

Been too busy
Out looking for Fluffy
I lost my cat
But I found this nice dress
And these boot
In the Mat.

Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
It ain’t so bad
When everything
I have to wear is dirty
And I have no clean underwear
So, I just go down stairs.

Looking through the machines
Finding good stuff
I’m thinking I’ll keep.
Don’t I look nice.


20 thoughts on “Life Above the Mat~ Nothing to Wear

  1. well, as joe cocker would say “U can leave ur Hat on!” ๐Ÿ™‚ no pressure no problem,,ps fprget da weddin lol…..then no reason to have to interpret, will jest be an do,thanks for being u , hasta/……………..Q


      • TY, I control the Beast very well most days, thankfully. Why I love my country home. Less people, less traffic, way less stress or worry. I can be just Uncle George and Opa)))))))))))))))


      • Better environment for children and me. I don’t do crowds of people or traffic, especially the types around the Loop in DC, Baltimore. Hard enough to get by there with a voice, without one, almost an exercise in futility. Crowds make too many anonymous and less compassion is shown toward one another. I love small country villages. You quickly know everyone and their attitudes and opinions aren’t kept secret. No one worries about being politically correct, in the country, we are really tolerant and inclusive, judged by actions and attitudes and conduct, not skin, nationality or $worth. A bit extreme, but then again, I’ve worked inside and outside my own government for MANY years, so I’m a bit extreme and odd, but neighbors have accepted me as I am and welcome my eccentricities.


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