What I Believe -Chapter 15

Honey Bunny ~ Chapter 15

Some say love is magic,
But they also say,
That magic is just an illusion,
It’s a trick being played
In our minds,
So if love is magic
And magic is an illusion,
Then isn’t life…
An illusion too?

Some say love is chemistry,
The very blood that runs in us,
Through our veins.
It’s in the passion of our genes.
That attraction comes through
The elements of the earth.
And if love is chemistry,
Do plants and other living things
Fall in love?
They are made of elements,
Why just us… or,
Perhaps they do love.

Some say love is God,
That this is all his work,
It is his plan, everything,
Does He lays out our path through life,
And do we simply follow it…
Everyone believes different things,
I believe in Love,
That God has a plan for our lives,
Only if more people believed.

Others say that love is our destiny,
The our destiny is to be with your soul mate,
To find the one we truly love,
Does everyone have a soul-mate?
I believe everyone has someone,
Whether you believe it or not
We all have a destiny,
Because loving someone means,
I am their entire world,
And they are mine,
Love is, in fact,
Is the meaning of life.

And, it’s just…
What I believe.

4 thoughts on “What I Believe -Chapter 15

  1. How poignant. Perfect really. I am not sure what I believe anymore. I love boys. This I am sure of. The soulmate, magic, chemistry god thing – I believe it exists for others in this world. Not for me.


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