With My Boots On


I Love a Daddy Dominant
It is a demanding task,
To make love and connecting,
Virtually on the internet.

It takes skill and a lot
Of hard work to make sex,
From the safety of the,
Cyber net or any where.

When he is in the mood
He just sends a ping,
Sometimes he sends me a pic,
Of his bling.


He really knows how to
Put me in the mood.

Then he ask me what I’m wearing
And sometimes I say nothing but,
“These here cowgirl boots.”

I think that is so cute,
He says, “Let’s shoot,”
Then we are done.

I love this Dominant
Daddy internet thing.

Don’t you?

32 thoughts on “With My Boots On

    • I agree with you. Well stated. Do what we have to. Life is not always so convenient and Sex is as natural and normal as breathing as long as it’s love and it’s safe and consensual,


      • Amen, I found Kids grow into more understanding and independence when they aren’t raised in a Family of closed mindedness. As they were babies, I realized the words they were learning from us were mostly negative which elicited more wrong behaviors. As they grew and we explained danger and inappropriate behaviors, they learned to make choices and the consequences from decisions, positive & negative. Later Kids received better after many failed attempts with oldest kids. Grands will receive the upgraded versions of child raising, thank goodness. Experience is a dear school, I’ve heard and now know too well.!!!!
        We forbade very little, just established rules&consequences and then tried to stay one step ahead of all those curious minds.)))) somedays worked better than others))))) They always saw their parents in love, sometimes later as teenagers, they viewed it as TMI )))) Kids need structure, and to learn to make decisions for themselves, else they become a burden and leech on society. Not our style. Now new parents realize all that’s involved in having your own children, Life teaches those lessons, whether you’re ready or NOT. Best be ready to rock and rollllllllllllllllllll


      • haha
        they learned to knock before entering if our door was shut, otherwise they were in and out constantly. Never enough showers, never enough bathrooms, had to adapt and remember clothing, no prancing around undressed unless you wanted to hear it from Siblings&parents)))


      • With 7-9 kids running around the house, nakedness was just that. Taught our kids that the human body was a miracle and not to be ashamed of or ridiculed. Just tried to teach there’s a time and place for everything, also. So far, we’ve had no deviants, drunks, alcoholics or major mental issues along the way. Fairly straightforward kids, thanks to Mom’s influence. She basically set the agenda and rules, and I followed her lead. Not only smarter but better looking, too. And spirit of her ancestors, Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan.))))))) (she was Hungarian raised in Romania in the valley of vampires-Transylvania)
        Every one is different, I raised 6 sisters, we talked about everything openly, others thought we were too liberal, nope, just openminded and upfront.
        We had friends who were raised where everything was a sin or a sickness. They have experienced cases of abuse, mental illness, and AIDs and STDs. And we were the the Weird ones. Go figure.
        I’ve had Amish and Mennonite Friends, all good people, just different beliefs. I don’t judge by beliefs but actions. Not qualified to condemn people, just bad acts.


      • Well I am not perfect, like you, Not sure why you like me so much. Im really nothing special. Had my share of experiences, but not any mistakes.that I can think of. which a mistake might be considered a regret with consequences I think? I have met some internet TROLL’s too, but recognized them quickly. But the one thing is just never want to have a regret nor do i want to.


      • I like your openness and honesty, I enjoy and respect that you share your heart and soul. I think you’re a special type of person with a big heart. Perfection isn’t achievable, learning from the mistakes of those around you and yourself helps to make life a bit less complicated, but nevertheless no one achieves perfection or should waste time trying to reach it. Only one person was perfect, I’ll try to avoid that fate. Regrets are just a part of life, just like making wrong decisions. I never avoided making a decision bc of fear of regret. I just made best choice of decisions, praying for the right outcome. Knowing I don’t really have control of 90% of things that affect my clan or myself, allows me to put less pressure on myself. I just try to do my best. And know that I’ll screw up now and then, hopefully no major screw ups, but always possible. After all, Red headed and Freckled, short with a temper, bound to step off in wrong direction when I least expect or need it.)))


      • Blessing and curse at same time for oldest Sis and me. Skipped generation and was blessed with 4 ginger Grands. Can’t wait to see their personalities)))) I’m reminded by Friends to “Be careful what you wish for, sometimes you get it.”


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