Life Above the Mat- I’m a Writer


Life above the Laundry-O-Mat
At the Suds and Duds,
It can be interesting,
Occasionally enough.

I’m a writer and I love to dance
I live above the Mat,
But not for long, I hope.

I can’t seem to write much here
Most of the time,
I get distracted,
I can’t seem to keep out.

This guy ask me out
In the out back alley,
Then he never came back,
Acid reflux and all,
I even did his laundry for free,
Oh well.

So I called him, “Hey Dan,” I said,
“I live above the Laundry-O-Mat,
Remember me?
Your bundle service is ready.

“Finished your laundry.” I said ,
But don’t come here looking for it
I mean, it’s strung out,
On the ground, somebody stole it,
Tossed it up and all down Main Street.

You got some stained underwear
And It’s pretty ugly too,
But I know nothing about that,
Better go pick up,
I just seen it on the 5:00 news.

So now I got something
To write about… Hehehe,
At the Suds and Duds,
Clap! Clap! Clap!
Good Luck with that!

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