Crushing me with amazing verbal skill
Of irrefutable evidence, but also
Perhaps that last chance
Of happiness and excitement

Of receiving subtle messages
That would cause awe in most and doubt,
By your insensitivity that they,
Would be too fearful to ask.

To respond to unclear messages
And to the wonders of the questions,
I seek.

If there is one ultimate question
I must ask, the one truly crucial thing,
Of good will must seek to define.

And, it is so important to me
That it is such a paramount query,
Hopefully the answer is simple,
And not hidden.

But no matter where in my attempt,
Let the answer be vital and real,
Let it be integrated,
Into the very fabric of life,
Into your thoughts, and actions.

So my question was I wondered why
You could not me love me,
Just a little?

9 thoughts on “Question

  1. I believe we love too few in a long life. Love should be easily given. I like the wise old saying I read somewhere? “Love is freely given and the kindest gift. Love should given without regret or boundaries.” Always a pleasure to read your words.


    • And I fell in love with him and It wasn’t just his face, nor the way he smiled when he laughed, or the way his eyes lit up when he stared into mine, it was the way he wrote I love you a thousand times. I will never forget it, never.


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