Song for the Crested Jay

Clear blue sky
A sea of blue
Floating by
Singing I Love You’s.

Life repeating
Soft wings and gentle breeze
Conveying heartfelt messages
Of peace and ease
Life is good.

Water trickling down
Through moss covered rocks
Graciously allowing
My soul to drink you up.

You the strength of a tree
Stretching to meet the light
With unquestioned resolve
Tranquil and calm days
Troubles dissolve
It only our love.

Our new life springing
Leaving behind
Fear and dismay
Shadows changing
As Earth revolves
And our spirit evolves.

The Blue jay sings for you
The lullaby so sweetly
By crickets’ accompany
Aware in the moment
There is no wrong.

With gratitude, sings
I love thee
On a day such as this.

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