If you only knew
What you were doing to me
Then You could stopped all of this
But that’s a chance I’ve long missed
My tears have gone unnoticed
How blind I was,

On the blackest night I have faded
I couldn’t see, what you wanted
It wasn’t me that took my life
Now i’ve gone, forever
No longer can we be, together
I have died of a broken heart
Last night, my heart just stopped

How my wings taken have been taken
My whole world has become so slanted
Now that I’ve left you all
To late from that fall
With the aftermath,

I’ve wasted days
Worried about things I can’t change
How my days have become so strange
It’s just the ghost of me
In the night It still wishes to see you
Knowing that it’ll never come true
Still I wishing every night
It’s why this is a memory,

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