Regrets ~ Chapter 16


Honey Bunny ~ Chapter 16

His memories played back
To a time when they were together,
Honey Bunny and his girl, Sweetie Pie.
Once they were caught in the garden,
The farmer grabbing him by my ears,
Shoving them into a cage.
The farmer had caught them stealing,
For eating his tomatoes.

The gun got her and it got him,
I loved her!
No, wait, never mind…
At first they would just jump around
And make fun of one another,
Then they had been handcuffed,
And thrown into a cage,
Finally, though, They had enough of it.

He lifted his hind legs
Kicking the cage. It was no use.
He fell on his side, that’s when He saw the hole
In her belly from the bullet,
He wasn’t playing around this time.
For it was the first time,
He had been this close to death,
He cried.

Physically in all senses of the word,
Tossed into the back of the farmers tractor,
As the cage shook, they went over bumps,
On the path, that carried them away,
They were shaken well.

The next thing they knew, it was the sheriff,
They were being hauled away in the car,
Onto to a long road it seemed.

He couldn’t even describe it,
By my own words. Just terrifying,
His cage rattled as it hit the hard surface.
As it the door broke open, It was my friend,
She didn’t move.

The little trouble maker, he thought maybe
At first, she was just probably just playing,
Let’s make a run for it. But oh no…
They had been friends for a long time,
Always faking me out on everything,
But not this time.

This time knowing that it was no joke,
And he was so scared and it was too serious,
Then there was a loud noise,
She was gasping for a breath,
Asking for water, I think,
But there wasn’t any.

Just the coldness of her.
Was she dead or bleeding out?
Comatose of what had happened.
It made him so sad, was she dying in his arms?
He remembered her as a great friend.
Sure he wasn’t much of a good influence,
But he was still fun and enjoyable,
And he loved her.

With this time, he had reflected,
Looking back on the world,
Once was a time he had to look forward to,
Now it was death, was she dying before him,
Though he knew inside himself,
Life was emptying him,
Only if he had one more chance.

He was still thinking of what he was to do
If something were to happened,
And if they got away, and she lived,
He would never put her in jeopardy again.
How would he tell her parents?
How would I tell his mother of what happened?
how would they react?
I couldn’t be there, but at the same time,
He could have.

Perhaps if he were the hunter,
Why couldn’t they have taken him instead?
For whatever reason they took her,
Someone he loved instead of him.

He regretted, that he never told her,
What she meant to him,
That he truly loved her.

~ to be continued



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