The Grief- Book II – Chapter 1



Honey Bunny ~ Book 2 ~ Chapter 1

Although Sweetie Pie had died, taking the bullet
He took a bullet too, trying to protect her,
They didn’t really mean to do it, to cause any harm.

They were just playing in the wrong place,
At the wrong time and it wasn’t intended,
It was not his fault, they just got caught.

Some people are just mean, like the that farmer,
Who was known to kill stray dogs too.

But Little John, (Honey Bunny) was in pain,
He was left with nothing but the pain and knowledge.
That if it weren’t for him perhaps,
She would still live.

Despair and grief would sink into his flesh,
Gripping his heart and squeezing him,
Until he wished it would stop beating,
Perhaps then he’d know peace once again.
Maybe then the pain wouldn’t follow.
Tormenting him any longer.

Perhaps that dark way of thinking,
Had a way of showing itself to those around him.
Maybe that hidden darkness is what had fueled,
Those voices from behind closed doors,
And around corners.

The whispered words he barely understood
But knew full well the malevolence behind them,
Anti-social, traumatized, distant…
Or that one line he could barely catch,
As the voices he heard dropped lower,
Possible suicidal tendencies,
And at such a young age.

These chattered in his ears, pointing at him.
Slightly and pretending to be talking,
About something other than his problems.
These voices were a concern.

Yet there were more like something,
To entertain themselves rather than help him,
He ignored them just as he tried to ignore the pain.

He submerged himself in the intricate dreams,
And his writing and of his books,
Blocking out everything but the fantasy,
With his velvet friend resting in his hands.

He didn’t care what others thought,
he wanted nothing to do with any of them,
The only thing he allowed himself,
To care about was was being at home alone.

Over time, slowly Honey Bunny would heal,
Even perhaps come to love again.

~ to be continued

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