What I Love About Him


Late at night,
I will call him up
And I will say
“I want you. ”
And right then
He will say,
“Come over here,
Let me kiss you,”
And I do, I open up for him,
Every time.
He takes me down
Right then and there,
And I love that.
We just stay up all night,
And we sip on wine.
Play Scrabble for hours,
Not speaking a word.
And he wins every time,
We just laugh,
Because he is so smart.
Then he reaches over,
And he kisses me,
And, I just love that,
About him.

Thank you,
I love you.

10 thoughts on “What I Love About Him

  1. A beautiful and positive poem. People who enjoy each others company. Last forever. A card game allow two people to talk, laugh and enjoy each other company. Best times of a life.


    • I think you are right. It’s like no pressure and it’s a time when you think about nothing but them and sharing their company and the time together. It’s so nice to have that time together. Some things we just never forget.


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