Bad Hare Days ~ 2.2



Honey Bunny and Me, Book 2, Chapter 2

He knew that it was pointless
He knew with each passing minute,
And every moment of his free time,
Was spent wishing for her.

He kept a bouquet of flowers in his hand
Contrary to what people believed,
He just felt hopeless.

He glanced down at the wilting bouquet
Wondering silently to himself,
With a warm smile if she would,
Love these flowers.

He had picked Daisies and petunia’s
This time, he gaze at them, and
He knew at some point that.
He would have to stop feeling guilty.

He knew Sweetie Pie wasn’t going to come.

And so, he sighed silently and closed his eyes.
Not prolonging his goodbye any longer,
Than he already had.

This would be his last visit to her grave,
To leave these flowers for the last time.

Getting tired of walking the same route
He wasted most of his Saturday’s,
When he needed to prepare for college.

Even if it hurt and gnawed at his insides
Letting her presence blow away in the breeze,
He would never to come back.

He walked away and suddenly
Honey Bunny opened his eyes,
Waiting for the bus, placing his hand,
On the bench to stand up when his hand,
Touched a leather one.

Startled, he looked down to see a petite,
Gloved hand resting on the bench,
And when he trailed his eyes up,
To a form of a woman.

There was a swell in him as he noticed her,
But she did not even acknowledge the fact,
That he had touched her,
She just sat there and slowly flipped,
The pages of her book in her lap.

And when he went to make an apology,
She looked up at him and He looked up
At her and they both just froze,
And of all days, today was a bad hair day,
Wondering if there could there be,
Something more, possibly.

~to be continued

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