What I Love About You~ Continued

The greatest gift,
I will ever know,
Is your love.

I love how you
Love me.
And I see it,
In so many ways…
But more than that,
I feel it,
Even from here,
From so far away.

And I believe in you,
That I am enslaved,
And beholden to you.

It’s the one and only way,
How to love is be true,
To love you only you.

So with all that I am,
I would sacrifice,
I would lay down, my life
Before thee,
And all of my love,
All of my Life,
I give to thee,
Why I love you,

Thank you
For Loving me so much.

~to be continued

3 thoughts on “What I Love About You~ Continued

  1. I love these pieces – I personally cannot say I love anyone like this BUT – my children I can say I love like this. Yes, they are different – but in many wats they are the same except I will always love my children and they will always love me. Others – this is not the case. Never the case.


    • Then you know what real true love is. Yes, even with your babies as they grow up and become men. That kind of love never goes away. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. They are lovely.


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