Why I Love Him ~continued


I guess I’m like every
Other girl,
Who’s ever wanted to be held by you,
And I’m just hoping our story
Will always grow in love,
And so love-filled,
And it’s never ending.

Because I am a person too,
And I somehow,
After all we’ve been through,
I have even more love for you.
And I couldn’t be happier.

Already to ready to begin
Sharing our life stories,
I’m not alone anymore,
And neither are you.

It is nice to have someone
To feel secure, to fit in,
Like permanent friends,
And to go with, silently,
And I love you,
And I know,
That you love me too.

Thank you.

12 thoughts on “Why I Love Him ~continued

  1. A beautiful poem and it is true. We need to feel love and be appreciated. Love set the world on fire. Good to want to know the heat and to dream of the dance.


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