What I Love About You… some more stuff

When you get nervous
Or even anxious,
When you begin to speak,
Your voice will escalate
To a higher octave.

Your brow will rise
Then you recite and say,
“…And I won’t do nothing
Like that.”

Little beads on your
Forehead, emotions ofm
Like it’s odoriferous sweat.

In the throws of passion,
It’s the scent, it’s the wet
We call pheromone.

When you read to me,
I can’t help it, and
Your smell, I like it,
Very much, a lot.
Just some of the things,
What I love about you,
So much. It’s because,
Your so hot.


~to be continued

13 thoughts on “What I Love About You… some more stuff

  1. there is something about that olfactory appetency assay of love that makes silly wee Willy Nilly act really silly. Apparently, it affects wee dragons too. 🙂


      • I’m convinced of it. Willy’s pedigree begins in Rome and then Normandy and you may find this a little spooky, England, Ireland, then America. He is quite the vagabond. If I feed him enough garlic, he actually has dragon breath and takes on a rusty red hue. Ancestry from Wales, no doubt.


      • Oh yes, Catnip! Willy is a dragon, a small one. He is like the little dragon in the Disney cartoon, Mulan. Willy is cheeky, whimsical, dreamy and sometimes naughty. Dragons are like that. He looks much like my avatar. He is also my alter ego. Like Calvin and Hobbes, we go everywhere together. I believe in dragons, good and bad. They are older than recorded history. Even in the earliest etchings of stone, dragons show up in every culture, in every land. I don’t think this would occur consistently in human history if they didn’t exist. I’m most fond of dragons from Eastern culture. They are benevolent and their colors indicate their origin and nature. Red dragons are the most sought after because they represent good fortune. I think all one needs to do to have a dragon as a constant companion is believe. Believe and they will come to you.

        And, like cat’s, they are wild about catnip 🙂


      • She loved her dragon. Together they would go sail off with billowed sail, where he kept her perched on his dragon’s red tail, People would come whenever they saw him. They laughed and sang songs and he would roast their marshmellows and make smores for everyone. They would travel and ships lowered their flag when he roared his fire and they lived happily after.


      • “She loved her dragon…” Yes, you understand. You are blessed too. I loved that. I hope I can read more about this enchanting story in the future. 🙂


      • Yes! The red Welsh dragon is Wales itself, the history, the people, the soil, its government, the affairs of battle, love and life itself. The Welsh Red Dragon and Willy originate possibly from the same Grand Dame Dragon. In the times of Roman conquest of Briton and Ireland, the dragons occur more frequently and become the champions of the emerging rulers and nations. I think you may have awakened a sibling of Willy, he seems excited about learning more. 🙂


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